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Welcome to NGHS!

This is practically just your average MLP Next Generation group; except we all might roleplay a bit with the theme of being students at NGHS! As such we'll try to be more of a community group than a free-advertising group, and give each other tips and guides to help you make great characters!

- Can I join?
YES. I get asked this all the time xD. As long as you have some MLP Next Gens- whether they be written, drawn, or still in the making- you may join.

- How do I join?
Just click the 'Join Group' button and you're all set. Although it's not required, feel free to draw yourself/humanized ponysona as a NGHS student so you can roleplay and really join the community! Girl Uniform Guy Uniform

- How do I roleplay in this group?
We mainly roleplay through doodling our reactions to things other NGHS students have done. One person draws something, and another person can simply comment, or draw their character reacting to the picture. If it's the former (commenting), the first person could also draw a comic of their character reacting to the comment.
For example,
Pikokko posts this: > kilala comments > pikokko reacts to comment:
Or, pikokko posts this: > and kilala reacts:

- What is a 'Next Generation' character?
A next generation character is an original character you create as your personal headcanon of a child of one or two characters. Mixing designs of two characters into one that's similar yet unique can actually be pretty easy, and once you've made one, it gets addicting.

- I prefer to use bases... is that alright?
Of course! Although drawing something yourself is a plus, with Next Gens the characters themselves should be more important than the art quality!

Original NGHS idea by kilalaaa - MLP NGHS by kilalaaa

Next Gen, Next Gen, Next Gen High!
Cranking out characters to the sky!
Mixing DNA is fun,
Add some feels to this one!
Artists, writers, character designers.
For our ships, we're all fighters.
Even if we have to stay up all night,
Here we create at Next Gen High!







> Project: NGHS Opening Sequence...Has begun! 
Thank you guys :D I'm very honored to have you guys want to help out with this opening. It'll make it a lot more special and awesome that's for sure! Now let's start off with some basics..
No you don't need to know how to animate, just being an artist is all it takes to join in.The song most likely going to be used is Sakura Kiss from Ouran's opening, however, I have no clue if it should be the English Version or the Japanese version >_< Right now the one in the current fan opening is the Japanese version (Even if you don't hear it, it is!)
The main point of this MAP is to create and finalize the NGHS Opening Sequence, but instead of it just being me who creates the opening, it's going to be with the work of the people who wish to partake in creating it. For right now I'm letting anyone join, this may change later as the project progresses and grows bigger. It's a fan project, with the help of the next gen artists as well as some animat

Even if you can't animate, we're all artists here and this video will also feature drawings. So anyone and everyone can help out, and considering making a video is a big project, we could prob use everyone's help! :'D
Since no one's really done anything other than sign up, perhaps we need to get some organization and kick start this project. Sooo
Anyone who's participating- contribute ideas, doodle some story board sketches, draw your character's intro; anything to help us get an idea of how this should plan out. We gotta figure out what we're doing before we can start producing this video.

So, yeah. Keep up the great Next Gens you guys! SHIP FOREVER xD
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ZephrZolt Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May I join. I could use some more places to share my art with.
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They've been moved to the 'Groups of Next Gens' folder ^-^. Your Next Gen are really cute!
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Awe thank you!
NgKQ Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Can you admins have a folder for fan fiction?
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We need a folder for Starlight Glimmer next gen, because she isn't exactly background...
Lost-Our-Dreams Featured By Owner May 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Starlight Glimmer is in the 'Antagonists' folder, which features mostly the former antagonists. She's not a background character, but she's not popular enough as a NG parent to have her own folder, so her kids go into there -3-.
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